Development of Asgard, Waterproof Housing for ROV/AUV

Inspired by real size submarines, ROV MAKER considers a ball-shaped enclosure to look awesome and stylish.

After the closing of Voyager I, ROV MAKER set out to develop the Asgard sphere, make a mold of it and test the mold. Involved in the process were those experienced in making diving equipment.

The Asgard sphere has the following features.

  1. The sphere can easily be fixed on a platform
  2. A control board or camera can be fixed inside the sphere
  3. Adapters exclusive to the sphere are available.

The sphere shape of the enclosure offers not only a different look but also a broad field of underwater vision. Besides, the sphere shape works best for resisting water pressure.

Voyager II, an ROV using Asgard, is coming soon. Please click here for further information.

The design of Asgard draws on the concept of ‘middle frame’ as both a solution to limited space for a control board and an attempt to create a broad field of vision. There are 8 screw holes in the middle frame to fix a control board in place.

Another thoughtful design is the lighting room, a waterproof space which can house a low wattage LED light. The lighting room is also great for sensors like SONAR or LIDAR radar. The flat surface at the front of the lighting room prevents sensor signals from being deflected, which can occur to the spherical surface.

ROV MAKER developed an adapter specifically for Asgard in order to extend sensors, wire and electricity to the outside of the sphere.

Different Asgard versions have different number of adapters. The naming method is intuitive. For instance, Asgard 6 refers to Asgard with 6 adapters.

Asgard Family


Description Status
Asgard 6 Fitted with 6 adapters with three for each sphere Available
Asgard 3 Fitted with 3 adapters with all of them for one sphere and none for the other Available
Asgard 9 Fitted with 9 adapters with 3 for one sphere and 6 for the other


Out of stock

Are you looking for waterproof housing to design your unique ROV?  Try Asgard !!





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