A Seminar on Ipanema Simple ROV Kit at Kaohsiung Municipal Rueisiang High School

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OV MAKER was invited once again by Kaohsiung Municipal Rueisiang High School to give a seminar and the topic was about underwater robotics program.

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underwater robotics program have been part of school STEM curriculum overseas for a while but they are in their early stage in Taiwan. To popularize this gadget on campus, ROV MAKER has released Ipanema Simple ROV Kit.

Ipanema provides relevant parts of easy-to-assemble ROV, which includes PVC pipe pieces, PWM board for motor controlling and a waterproof thruster module based on 365 brush motors.

Ipanema got its pipe shape from the SeaPerch underwater robotics but is equipped with ROV MAKER power control system. Participants in the seminar were taken through the assembly steps, which involve the use of scientific laws and principles. This way, the assembly process puts scientific theories into practice.

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We explained how Archimedes’ Principle was put to use in the design of the SeaPerch underwater robotics, in the hope that teachers and students  can use the principle in designing their own ROVs. Plus, the hands-on  learning also helps understand how buoyancy force is tied to the surfacing and diving of the vehicle.

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Based on Ohm’s law, a simple model is built to describe Ipanema’s power control system. it serves as a great example of how to optimize the thrusting force by finding the key point. We encourage the teachers to use a galvanometer to figure out the power consumption that happens between the assembly and the underwater operation. This helps better understand the power control system of the entire ROV.

ROV MAKER provided two model ROVs for the seminar. One of them is installed with the underwater image modules. We thank the school for letting us use the swimming pool for the participants to try out.

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Those who attended the seminar showed great interest in ROV and look forward to working with ROV MAKER to promote ROV on campus.

We hope Ipanema Simple ROV Kit can be helpful in popularizing ROV in school curriculum.