STEM ROV Sharing- Taichung Girls’ High School『After School STEAM Lecture Series』


ROV MAKER team was invited to the Taichung City Taichung Girls’ High School “After School STEAM Lecture Series” to share the practice of underwater robots. “After School STEAM Lecture Series” is a related course offered by Taichung Girls’ High School in response to the course content of the 108 syllabus in the field of science and technology. In order to promote the understanding of science and technology of senior middle school students and below, promote students to understand the knowledge of emerging technologies, and cultivate more hands-on talents in the field of science and technology. This sharing is divided into two parts: classroom explanation and underwater practical operation. The lectures mainly focus on the practical sharing of Voyager II. The content is simplified to the characteristics of water, the introduction of various open source solutions of underwater robots, the introduction of simple waterproof technology and the sharing of foreign ROV self-made cases.

IMG 0133 scaled

The second half of the explanation in the class is the demo of ROV. The demo includes the  machine display includes the Voyager II and the STEM ROV built by IPANEMA ROV kit.


STEM ROV is the most popular among teachers and students. Teachers and students play it by the swimming pool.




Thank you, Director Wang, Taichung Girls’ High School, for specially borrowing the indoor swimming pool of the school, so that teachers and students in class can experience the fun of playing STEM ROV.