Horus – Waterproof Camera

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The Horus waterproof camera is a video solution of ROV DIY provided by the ROV MAKER team.

As known in the ROV industry, waterproof enclosure and cable communication are the two biggest challenges in the underwater robotic DIY domain. The former is dependent on mechanical design, material choice, CNC precision processing and the proper waterproof design of O-RING. The latter is a system design involving both hardware and software that connect ROV signals to a console through cable.

The camera is one of the most important equipment for underwater robotic, and provides live video underwater. Through the ROV camera, the user can control the ROV instantly, take snapshots or record a video.

Integrating a camera into an underwater robot is a significant part of ROV design. Out of mechanical concern with both waterproof and cable communication, the camera is placed in front of the waterproof and transparent enclosure and hence take the best view for the underwater drone. In addition, the camera can send images to the computer onshore through cable. All this communication is made possible by the integration of the hardware and software that the maker prepares for the underwater drone.

The Horus underwater camera helps simplify the process of ROV DIY.

DSC 0819Why the Horus camera makes ROV DIY more simple

  • The Horus camera module is waterproof for as deep as about 50 meters. The maker can place it outside the waterproof enclosure and set it in any desired place of an ROV.
  • The Horus module has cable that can be up to 30 meters long and the diameter is 1.88mm. The video is transmitted through the cable for the distance of up to 30 meters. It is not necessary to port the Horus camera with the control system inside an ROV. The only ‘system integration’ is to tie Hours cable with an ROV cable.
  • The Horus camera supports both USB interface and Android phones. After downloading USB camera app, the user can watch a live video, take snapshots and record a video on an Android phone.
  • The Horus module supports Linux UVC (USB Video Class) interface. The maker can use such control boards as raspberry pie and develop his/her software for video processing that is supported by open source codes like well-known G-steamer

The Horus module consists of the following parts:

  • Camera module with 160-degree wide angle
  • Cable with diagram 1.8mm and pull-resistance of up to 70kg
  • Micro USB on the other side of the cable, devoted to connect Android phones or control boards like raspberry pie

The Horus module works well with the STEM ROV kit or home-built ROVs.

The Horus camera module has 10-meter, 20-meter and 30-meter versions. If you request any customized cable length for, please contact ROV MAKER for more information.

Underwater Image Processing

 OpenCV + Python that running on Anaconda3

HORUS T10 + Ipanema STEM ROV Kit

STEM ROV + Horus T10 Camera

Facebook Live by Android Mobile( Link )  

Facebook Live by Android Mobile( Link )  

 At Jinlong Lake

Explore with Android phone

Bitou Fishing Port Adventure

HORUS Camera Test at 2021/05/05

Testing Under Water

Shimen Reservoir (1) : It is about 12m deep

Shimen Reservoir (2) :The depth is about 8m

Test in pond at night( built-in infrared LED)

Other Tests

Darkroom Test