Ipanema ROV Kit and Horus camera Module Make STEM ROV interesting

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Ipanema STEM ROV kit and Horus underwater camera module, made by ROV MAKER, are devoted to STEM ROV education. The two kits work together to show how interesting STEM ROV can be !!! They have been tested in the indoor mechanical fish pond in the National Museum of Marine Science and Technology.

Keelung National Museum of Marine Science and Technology is Taiwan’s first museum devoted to marine science and technology. The museum provides many marine education-related resources and has a large-scale cylinder planned for marine technology exhibition, which can perfectly serve as a ROV test base. For this test, the National Marine Science Museum also gave quite a lot of technical guidance and suggestions.

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The Horus module is one of the best solutions for STEM ROV underwater camera. The following are the features of the Horus module.

  • The Horus cable OD is about 1.88mm. Such a thin line can be easily attached to the ROV cable and does not affect the flexibility of ROV underwater activities
  • Horus support Android mobile devices by Type-C USB. With the free installation of apps for USB Camera . the user can preview live video, take snapshots or record video from Horus. If the user uses an Android mobile device and it does not have enough bandwidth, FB Live show is a good choice too !
  • The Horus module can be powered by Android mobile OTG. No external power supply is necessary.
  • The Horus module has built-in invisible red LED (940 nm), which provides HORUS light source without disturbing creatures underwater
  • Linux UVC (USB Video Class) is supported. It is possible to write programs for video processing.
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The Ipanema ROV Kit is composed of frame, control and thruster modules.

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The frame module provides the PVC water pipe parts so that users can build their own ROV Style. The shape of the pipe ROV is not set in stone and users are free to use their imagination to make a charming pipe ROV.

The thruster module is a popular solution shared on the Internet. Even though 365 brush motor is cheap and has less power, it can work wonders. Thrust power can be optimized by Ohm’s Law and the adoption of BTW positive and negative blades makes STEM ROV turn around more quickly.

For the control module, PWM board is used to control the rotating speed and direction of the 365 brush motor. PWM(Pulse Width Modulation) is widely used for the backlight control of mobile phones. PWM controls the 365 brush motor through electric current control.

To control the vertical thruster well, the control module uses a knob. The user can turn the knob and watch ROV surface/dive underwater. The knob can maintain the setting and keep ROV in the dedicated depth for a while.


For the horizontal thruster control, the control module provides a joystick, which gives better control over ROV moving forward/backward/around. When the joystick is released, it will go back to the middle position and the ROV stops cruising



If you want to know more about how interesting STEM ROV can be, please refer to the following video!!

Operation Demo

Operation demo at Bitou Fishing Port, Taiwan

Demo at National Museum of Marine Science and Technology

Facebook Live by Horus module under sea at Badouzi Fishing Port

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