STEM ROV assembly courses at Changbin Junior High School

This course is mainly combined with the campus discount program launched by the ROVMAKER team.

This course is three hours, and the content includes the actual assembly of the STEM ROV and the explanation of the slides.

In terms of assembly, a set of Ipanema kits purchased from Nagahama Junior High was used for assembly. The assembly is divided into several steps: frame assembly, thruster assembly, rov controller assembly and testing.

The ROVMAKER team performs the assembly, and the teacher participating in the course serves as an assistant to assist in the assembly.

Each assembly step is explained using slides. The content includes: tools used, explanations of related theoretical formulas and sharing of assembly experience. Use tools to specially prepare ammeters, three-purpose watt-hour meters, etc., and participating teachers can practice to understand the relevant theorems.

The Ipanema STEM ROV kit is a basic key that inspires students to make their own ROV in the future. The ROV MAKER team hopes that through this kind of assembly course, students can shorten the learning cycle when they just start to learn about underwater robots.

After the assembly was completed, Director Wu of Changbin Junior High School invited the ROVMAKER team to the rear port of the school to test the assembled STEM ROV. The test video is as follows

If you are interested in water pipe ROV assembly, please refer to STEM ROV (click to watch) to read related production sharing article. Or you can refer to the related assembly video of stem ROV (click to watch) to refer the STEM ROV assembly.

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