ROV Transformer Kit – DIY Your Underwater Drone with PVC

On the basis of the existing Voyager II technology, the ROV MAKER team launched a PVC ROV DIY Solution, which called ROV Transformer Kit.

The meaning of the name ROV Transformer is that designer could assemble different shapes of underwater robots from various parts of PVC. The cost of underwater robot kits could be reduced, so that underwater robots can be promoted on campus more quickly.

PVC pipe is a cheap material that can be bought in hardware shops. In addition to straight pipes, PVC have other components such as PVC elbows, PVC tees, PVC crosses, etc.Through the combination of these pvc parts, different shapes of underwater robot bodies can be formed.PVC parts can be bonded through PVC glue. However, the ROV MAKER team will recommend using screws to fix the joints between each component, so that in addition to easy assembly, it is also more convenient to disassemble and replace other modules in the future.

Fixing the propeller and the waterproof cabin to the PVC pipe will be another issue. In this regard, the ROV MAKER team designed a dedicated connector, which can fix the propeller and the Asgard to the PVC water pipe and use the set screw to fix it. This design allows the propeller and waterproof cabin to be easily installed and removed.

Through ingenuity, users can design various shapes of underwater robots, as well as various thruster configuration. This greatly increases the flexibility of the user to test the performance of the underwater robot.

This PVC ROV Kit use ROV control solution FORMOSA, which used by Voyager II. This gives the ROV Transformer kit the same performance as Voyager II.

The ROV Transformer kit is continuously improving its performance and will soon be promoted on campus at a discounted price.The following is a test video of ROV Transformer at the National Keelung Museum of Marine Science and Technology for your refernce.


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