WHY HORUS Waterproof Camera Module

Have you ever thought about it?
  • For underwater observation, you don’t have to buy expensive underwater robots? Any other easy/cheap solutions?
  • Home built ROV has quite a few challenges. Any simple way to implement without much hardware and software integration effort ?
  • Any possibility to add second ore more camera on existing ROV and provide the rea-time video without ROV vender support?
  • Writing program devoted underwater image analysis program with less cost?

The ROV MAKER team provides the HORUS USB waterproof camera module, which is cost-effective for underwater exploration.

For home built ROV, there are many challenges, which include the considering of waterproof, power system, control system and imaging system.

Because of waterproof considerations, the imaging system is often integrated with the control system, which involves (1) the hardware and software integration of ROV (2) the control and display of the console on the shore. This makes the replacement or expansion of the ROV camera module very difficult.

Here comes the HORUS waterproof camera T-Faimily to simplify these problems:

The HORUS T-Family camera are waterproof up to 50 meters underwater, and has three options of 10/ 20/ 30 meters for video cable.

The HORUS  module can be fixed to a dedicated position of the ROV, and the HORUS module video cable can be tied to the control line of the ROV. This greatly reduces the difficulty of designing home built ROV. The OD (wire diameter) of HORUS T-Faimily is only 1.8mm but the pulling force can reach 70KG. Thanks to such 1.8 mm OD of HORUS T-Familylens module vi, it will not reduce the flexibility of ROV in the water when its video cable tied with the control cable of ROV.

The HORUS waterproof camera module has USB 2.0 connectors and provides Micro USB/Type-C adapters. It supports WIN10/Liunx laptops and Android phones with plug-and-play functionality. Users can install specific free software apps on the relevant platform, thus they can use their mobile phones or laptops to directly watch real-time video in the water and take photos or videos on the shore.

For further underwater observation needs, ROV MAKER recommends HORUS waterproof Camera S-Family:

The HORUS S-Family is waterproof up to 50 meters underwater, and has four choices of 10/20/30/50 meters for video cable. The HORUS  S Family adopts video cable  with a diameter of 3.1mm, which provides better video quality and longer image transmission distance. The rest of the functions are exactly the same as the HORUS T-Family.

If you has long underwater video transmission requirements, or install a second underwater camera for a higher-end underwater robot, the HORUS S-Family will be one of your best choices.

The HORUS Camera  supports LINUX UVC (USB Video Class), and you can write your own image analysis program on the laptop through open source software such as G-Streamer and OpenCV. In the future, the ROV MAKER team will provide relevant examples for reference.

The following is the test video of HORUS waterproof camera for reference.

Underwater Image Processing

 OpenCV + Python that running on Anaconda3

HORUS T10 + Ipanema STEM ROV Kit

STEM ROV + Horus T10 Camera

Facebook Live by Android Mobile( Link )  

Facebook Live by Android Mobile( Link )  

 At Jinlong Lake

Explore with Android phone

Bitou Fishing Port Adventure

HORUS Camera Test at 2021/05/05

Testing Under Water

Shimen Reservoir (1) : It is about 12m deep

Shimen Reservoir (2) :The depth is about 8m

Test in pond at night( built-in infrared LED)

Other Tests

Darkroom Test

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