2019 NCKU MAKER Factory Festival

ROV MAKER was invited to participate in the 2019 National Cheng Kung University Maker Festival to share the experience of the development of underwater robots with friends in southern Taiwan. Underwater robots are a novel field in Taiwan’s Maker circle. The organizer specially provided assistance to the ROV MAKER team, including prior publicity, a 30-minute speech to introduce the sharing of underwater robot development experience, and a cosplay with the theme of Voyager II as the theme.

2019 NKCU Maker Festival 2

ROV MAKER’s exhibition content includes Voyager II PMMA, Voyager II acrylic version, ASGARD waterproof housing and the underwater robot electronic control solution FORMOSA.

2019 NKCU Maker Festival 3

This exhibition is mainly for the general public. The cute appearance of Voyager II attracts many children to come and operate it. We also carefully answer the questions about underwater robots raised by interested friends.

2019 NKCU Maker Festival 42019 NKCU Maker Festival 5

Many school teachers, college students and engineers are interested in ROV. Some teachers inivted ROV MAKER to introduce ROV at the class. Some college students were interested in FORMOSA and discussed with us about related waterproofing technologies. Many engineers were interested in image processing and Voyager II’s software architecture was curious and asked questions.

2019 NKCU Maker Festival 6

The organizer specially arranged 30 minutes for the ROV MAKER team to introduce the development experience of Voyager II.

2019 NKCU Maker Festival 7

Thanks to the invitation of NCKU MAKER Factory Festival, the ROV MAKER team has the opportunity to share the development results of Voyager II with friends in southern Taiwan.