Bionic Fish – Kids teaching kit for STEM

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In 2014, U.S. President Barack Obama promoted the “National Talent Cultivation Policy for STEM”, aiming to improve the country’s competitiveness through changes in education policy. The STEM teaching mode consists of four subjects: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It adopts an integrated teaching strategy, aims at design exploration, and uses technology and scientific thinking to solve problems. Connect what you have learned with your life experience. Cultivate students to have independent thinking, innovation and creativity

Other experts suggested that STEM should be expanded into STEAM, adding Art, because they were worried that STEM would place too much emphasis on mathematics and technology, while ignoring humanistic care. STEM learning combines language, humanities, design, music, art and other disciplines, not only to stimulate creativity, but also to meet people’s needs.

ROV MAKER launches bionic fish teaching kit to promote STEM education for childlren

STEM Topics Description
  • How fish move in water
  • Archimedes’ principle of buoyancy
  • Basic electrical introduction including battery and DC brush motor
  • Table tennis provides buoyancy for bionic fish
  • DC motor with mechanical design to simulate fish tail swing
  • How do bionic fish balance in water
Engineering By Assembly of bionic fish

  • Let children experience the fun of DIY
  • Learn to assemble a teaching kit
  • Try different assembly sequences to find a better way to assemble
Art Paint the fish body, cultivate children’s interest in painting, and make the mechanical fish he/she assembles unique
Mathematics What to do if the bionic fish is not balanced in the water








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