Robotic Fish Kit – Keelung GangXi Elementary School Teacher Study

ROV MAKER 2022/3/2 was invited to the Keelung Municipal Gangxi Elementary School Teacher Training Course to introduce the assembly and principle of the bionic robotic fish.

The bionic mechanical fish is a STEM teaching kit promoted by ROVMAKER for marine education in primary and junior high schools.Through ingenious design and simple assembly, the mechanical fish can present a leisurely posture of roaming in the water after assembly.

275001470 5436482476366450 9169041164222484837 nIn this training course, the ROV MAKER team specially introduced the analysis of the design principle of the mechanical fish, and provided teachers or students with a reference for designing their own mechanical fish in the future.

The principle of the mechanical fish is that , two table tennis balls  provide the necessary buoyancy for the mechanical fish ; the battery box (including the battery) and the 130 geared motor are arranged on both sides of the fish body with a small weight difference, which provides the balance of the fish body in the water. The 130 geared motor rotates, and the fish body swings through the connecting rod to move the fish forward. The inertial swing of the fish tail is also one of the driving forces for the mechanical fish to move forward. The arrangement of the fish tail spring can also determine the direction of the fish parade!!

1%E6%9C%AA%E5%91%BD%E5%90%8DIn this training course, Gangxi Elementary School specially arranged a small fish pond on the table, so that the teachers who participated in the course could immediately see their cute swimming postures in the water after forming the cute mechanical fish.

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In this study activity, the teacher of Gangxi Elementary School also provided relevant experience sharing on Facebook(LINK).