Robotic Fish Kit – Assembly and Sharing at Taipei Municipal Nanhu Senior High School

ROV MAKER 2022/6/22 visited Taipei Municipal Nanhu Senior High School to share the assembly and experience of bionic fish and bionic shark.

The main purpose of this visit is to share the assembly and experience of the bionic fish. ROV MAKER is happy to share the problems faced in the design of bionic fish and the experience of overcoming them. We hope that through such interaction, we can share practical experience and get feedback from school teachers.

In terms of assembly process sharing, ROV MAKER specially carries an assembled bionic shark as a reference for assembly. The teachers assembles the binoic fish according to the instructions and discusses specific assembly issues with the ROV MAKER team. We shared the problems encountered in the assembly and the way to improve, and listened to the teacher’s suggestions for the bionic fish kit.



The teachers specially prepared a moisture-proof box as a test pool to actually test the assembled binoic fish. ROV MAKER also shared how to change the spring position to allow the fish to travel in different paths.


In terms of practical sharing of mechanical fish, ROV MAKER shared the following experience:

  • In response to the waterproof requirements of long-term soaking and repeated use, the selection principle and improvement experience of bionic fish parts
  • The thinking of the fish body to maintain balance in the water (please refer to Bionic Mechanical Fish – The Magical Use of M10 Nut)
  • The principle of mechanical fish forward, the experience of forward speed adjustment
  • How to transform it into a teaching aid for the school courses
For schools interested in robotic fish, welcome to contact the ROV MAKER team !!

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