Bionic Robotic Fish – Marine Education Kit for Kids

This article introduces the bionic robotic fish kit. This is a new teaching kit suitable for marine education, which allows teachers and children to have a brand new scientific practice experience.

The first experience is waterproof and anti-rust. The ROV MAKER team integrated the experience of developing underwater robots into the bionic mechanical fish kit, from how to choose the screw and TT motor material to reduce the probability of rusting of the mechanical fish, and use balloons to strengthen the waterproof of the battery box. The establishment of the waterproof concept can be used in daily life in the future, and the progress of scientific implementation to ships or underwater robots will also be helpful.

The second experience of the bionic robotic fish is the design principle of the mechanism, especially for the robotic fish to move in the water, which is a teaching experience that other science kits cannot provide. From the arrangement of ping-pong balls that provide buoyancy, the counterweight and arrangement of the motor and battery box hanging on both sides of the fish, how to use an M10 nut to make the mechanical fish more stable in the water? The principles behind these can be discussed. Make teaching fun in the classroom.

Bionic fish teaching experience teaching experience

The bionic mechanical fish is more suitable to replace the real fish in the classroom to demonstrate its principle of water parade. The mechanical fish shows how to use the TT gear motor and simple mechanism to simulate the fish body swing. Will different swing amplitudes or swing speeds affect the advancement of the robotic fish? These can be the subject of follow-up discussions.

Electricity is also a kind of practical experience of a mechanical fish. Children can start to understand the dry battery and how to drive the TT gear motor, as well as the amazing experience that the DC drive TT gear motor can actually run in water!!


One of the greatest learning pleasures of mechanical fish should be that children can paint the fish before or after assembling, so that each mechanical fish is unique. The mechanical fish body is made of specific wood chips, so the bionic mechanical fish operates in water for a long time, and the wood chips will not easily break or decompose.

Color your Bionic Fish  bionic mechanical fish

The assembly steps of the mechanical fish are very simple and suitable for children to implement. The assembly instructions are included in the kit, and can be completed within half an hour according to the steps.

The operation principle of the bionic mechanical fish uses a lot of popular science knowledge. During the assembly process, students can learn simple electricity, knowledge of DC gear motor, TT motor to simulate fish swimming and experience Archimedes’ buoyancy principle. It is suggested that the teacher can arrange five lessons to let the children fully experience !!

Following is robotic fish kit available now !!

Robotic Shark 1  robotic fish kit 1

ROV MAKER provides teacher training courses to share what we have learned in the process of developing bionic robotic fish, or related teaching materials!! Schools are welcome to contact the ROV MAKER team for inquiries.

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