Robotic Fish – Chengzhou Elementary School Assembly Teaching Sharing

ROV MAKER visit Wugu Chengzhou Elementary School in New Taipei City on March 1, 2023 to conduct a teaching of robotic fish assembly. Chengzhou Elementary School learned about our robotic fish teaching kit through the recommendation of graduate alumni, and evaluated the feasibility of incorporating it into weekend club teaching.

In this teaching, the teachers of Chengzhou Elementary School who participated in the course participated in the assembly of the robotic fish in person. This course does not use the assembly video introduction, but Jenching Lee and the teacher assemble together around the round table.

We discuss the details as we assemble. Only the more complex power transmission parts will be introduced through the video.


During the period, ROV MAKER introduced the principle of the fish body swinging to make the fish move forward, the source of buoyancy provided by table tennis, the design concept of fish body water balance, and the technique of using M10 nuts to counterweight, for teachers to think about the application of scientific principles in class.


In the course, a teacher asked about the feasibility of fish body painting. ROV MAKER especially recommended the Xiongshi T-shirt paint pen. In addition to the full color, it is not easy to fade even after soaking in water. The teachers of Chengzhou Elementary School also specially used the Xiongshi T-shirt paint pen brought by ROV MAKER for the painting test!!



ROV MAKER also specially introduced the assembly tips, so that the assembled fish can go straight or circle in circles for the water test. After discussing with the teacher, ROV MAKER found that he could change the direction of dedicated part so that the robotic fish could go straight or swim around the left or right in water. ROV MAKER will be organized into teaching articles to share!!

Finally, thanks to Chengzhou Elementary School for inviting ROV MAKER to the school to introduce the fun of assembling robotic fish!!

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