Bluetooth Remote control Robotic Shark

The Bluetooth remote-controlled robotic shark is a programmable robotic fish implementation kit launched by the ROV MAKER team in 2023. Different from STEM KIT – Bionic Robotic Shark, in this remote control version, ESP32 control board is used for program development, and user could control it by android phone. This new version kit shows its feasibility devoted as a programmable robotic fish development kit !!


The control board adopts ESP32, uses the Espressif-IDE as SDK (Software Development Kit), and writes the multi-threading (Multithreading) control program in C language on FreeRTOS to implement software example of remote-controlled fish.


In terms of mechanism, the fish body inherits the STEM KIT – Bionic Robotic Shark. The only difference is to replace the TT motor by to a self-made waterproof servo (Servo). With such simple and smart mechanism design, a single servo can realize the forward movement of the fish body and the left and right turns  !!


The BT remote-controlled mechanical shark accepts string type commands, such as forward (“cmd fwd”), turn left (“cmd left”) and turn right (“cmd right”). Currently it only supports Android mobile phone, and users can install apps such as “Ardunio Bluetooth Controller”. All these apps provide BT pairing and connection functions. After the pairing and connection are successful, you can edit the above command string on the direction control key, so that you can directly use your android mobile to control the robotic fish without writing any mobile APP !!

This ESP32 software of robotic shark does not currently have an open source plan, but users can set related parameters through the serial communication function of the “Ardunio Bluetooth Controller” android APP, such as the frequency and amplitude of the fish tail swing. Understand the corresponding performance changes of robotic fish through parameter changes !!

For more introduction and operation of BT remote-controlled robotic shark, please refer to the following video

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