Robotic Fish – Assemble and teach Course at Yunlin Sanlun Elementary School

On April 14, 2023, ROV MAKER was invited to Yunlin Sanlun Elementary School to observe and support the teaching of Robotic fish.
This is a series of marine teaching courses devoted to in Yunlin County School , that planned by Associate Professor Li Zhengdao of National Formosa University. In the third week, the assembly course of the robotic fish is arranged, allowing students to practice and experience the assembly of science kits.
Associate Professor Li Zhengdao’s team prepared an inflatable small pool in advance, so that children can test their assembled robotic fish. As soon as the children saw the pool, they happily gathered around to play in the water, and even picked up the assembled reference robotic fish and started playing before class!
The teaching team has prepared quite a lot of teaching content. Each scientific principle used in the robotic fish is introduced in detail, from the source of Archimedes’ buoyancy principle, Franklin’s electricity to the principle of a simple DC motor. The contents are all in the easy-to-understand narrative way of scientists’ stories for children to understand.
The teaching team also specially designed a way to collect points for rewarding answering questions, and the points collected can be exchanged for small gifts. This makes the children’s interaction more active and makes the whole course more lively.
The robotic fish kit is designed for elementary school students above the second grade. The assembly tools only need a soldering iron and a cross screwdriver. Using a soldering iron is to solder the power cord of the AA battery box to the electrode of the TT motor. This part allows the teacher to complete the soldering for the students before class. For the rest of the assembly steps, children can use the screwdriver provided with the kit to assemble it by themselves. The assembly process ranges from half an hour to an hour, depending on the age of the children. Students in lower grades are recommended to be accompanied by teachers or parents to assist in assembly.
After about an hour and a half of assembly, following is the water test. At this monent, children can enjoy their assembledl fish swimming in the water.

robotic-shark-20230415-8With the successful completion of the course, Sanlun Elementary School ushered in their army of Robotic sharks.

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