Robotic fish – The “Marine Carrer Experience Camp” of National Museum of Marine Science and Technology first launched the roboticfish assembly course

The “Marine Carrer Experience Camp” (news link) held by the National Museum of Marine Science and Technology is entering its third year this year, and a new robotic fish assembly course has been specially added. ROV MAKER was invited to participate in this course, and shared the robotic fish assembly experience with the students participating in the course.

This year’s “Marine Carrer Experience Camp” added the robotic fish assembly experience course with three levels: 7/13, 7/14 and 7/15. The assembly course of each level is two and a half hours in total, two hours of assembly time and half an hour of enjoy time.


robotic fish national museum of marine science and technology20220713 3 scaled

The robotic shark kit launched by ROV MAKER uses the scientific knowledge learned in the school. After the assembly is completed, the robotic fish can simulate the swimming posture of fish in the water. In this “Marine Carrer Experience Camp” course, ROV MAKER specially provided a complete robotic shark assembly instruction video, which divided the mechanical shark assembly into six parts, and each part also shared relevant design concepts for reference.

After assembly, the Museum provides water tanks for students to enjoy the robotic sharke they assembled!!



Following is more robotic fish kit for your refernce