The Best Camera Solution for Home-Built ROV : HORUS Waterproof Camera

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This post mainly introduces an underwater camera solution, HORUS waterproof Camera, which is suitable for Home built ROV and STEM PVC ROV.

ROV, commonly known as underwater robot, is a machine that replaces humans to explore underwater. For ROVs operating underwater, instant video is a must-have standard feature.

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If a simpler ROV such as a school STEM PVC ROV or a Home-Built ROV needs an underwater real-time video function, it will have the challenges of increased cost and complex system integration.

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You might consider using commercially available waterproof cameras, but these types of cameras can record the ROV’s underwater adventures, but they don’t provide real-time video for you to control the ROV.

If you use a commercially available camera, you must consider (1) waterproof issues, (2) hardware and software integration between the original ROV control system and it (3) how to display image on the terminal console, all of which are additional costs and a complex project.

The ROV MAKER team recommends the HORUS waterproof camera as an underwater camera solution for school STEM PVC ROV or personal home-built ROV.

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In terms of waterproof design, HORUS waterproof Cameral is already waterproof, and there is no need to place it in the waterproof tube of the original ROV due to waterproof considerations. The user can be fixed HORUS in any position of the ROV through the strap. If the ROV frame is PVC pipe, you can also consider the 360-degree rotatable water pipe fixing clip sold in the ROV MAKER Store to fix the HORUS waterproof Camera.

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In terms of system integration, the HORUS waterproof camera is an independent waterproof image transmission device, eliminating the need for software and hardware integration with the original ROV control system. The HORUS camera signal transmission line can be up to 30m long, which meets the length required for general simple ROVs. The diameter of the transmission line is only 1.8mm. Just fix the HORUS waterproof camera in a dedicated position of the ROV, and fix its transmission line on your ROV control line, because the diameter of the transmission line is only 1.8mm, after combining with the ROV control line, it will not affect the softness of the original ROV control line with ROV flexibility.


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In terms of real-time video display on the terminal console, the HORUS waterproof camera supports Android 11 plug-and-play, and the Android phone can be used as the video screen of the ROV, and the real-time video of the HORUS waterproof camera can be viewed, photographed or even recorded through the mobile phone. , no additional purchase of LCD small screen. If your Android phone can access the Internet, you can even broadcast the live video of the HORUS waterproof camera to social media!! Here is how to use an Android phone to watch the live video of the HORUS waterproof camera, and broadcast live on Facebook directly through the Internet on your mobile phone.

HORUS Waterproof Camera – Instructions on Android Phone

Facebook Live by Android Mobile( Link )

HORUS waterproof camera supports Linux UVC driver and can be used in operating systems such as Win10/Linux, plug and play. Users can use the apps on these platforms to view real-time video, take photos and even record videos.

HORUS waterproof camera provides MJPEG image format, users can use OpenCV for related image processing. At present, some schools have used the ROV+HORUS waterproof camera for underwater image analysis. Complete relevant university research at the lowest cost.

Writing a program to analyze the real-time video of the HORUS camera also makes the PVC ROV+HORUS waterproof camera simple AUV development platform. Code can be written to make PVC ROV track objects of a specific color or shape underwater. At present, the ROV MAKER team is implementing this basic function, and interested readers can continue to track the progress of ROV MAKER.

PVC ROV Control Program (Part 1)based onPython + PyQt

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