STEM ROV Assembly Teaching(2021/11/10 at Penghu Longmen Primary School)

ROV MAKER team was invited to Penghu Longmen Elementary School on 2021/11/10 to conduct a a course on STEM PVC ROV assembly.

Penghu Longmen Elementary School plans underwater ecological observation teaching. The ROV MAKER team is invited to conduct this course, hoping to use the STEM ROV with HORUS waterproof camera to promote underwater ecological teaching courses in the future.

This teaching is the most enthusiastic participation of the teacher since ROV MAKER promoted the STEM ROV assembly. The principal also participated in the entire ROV teaching course.


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Because of less teaching hours slightly than other schools, the teachers are divided into three groups to carry out (1) STEM ROV frame assembly (2) Simple thruster assembly and (3) ROV controller assembly. Before assembling, ROV MAKER introduces the assembly steps through the dedicated assembly video, and share the applied physics-related knowledge and the problems encountered in the past development and the experience of solving.

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In the following time, the teachers of Longmen Elementary School gave full play to their strengths. In just one hour, each group completed their assembly task and completed the STEM ROV together !!

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Because of the itinerary and field restrictions that day, Longmen Elementary School arranged a large moisture-proof box for the teacher to test the assembled STEM ROV and adjust the buoyancy.

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We look forward to Longmen Elementary School completing the underwater ecology teaching course as soon as possible, and we are happy to provide technical assistance about STEM ROV !!

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