STEM ROV Assembly Teaching(2021/12/10 at National Tainan Senior Marine Fishery Vocational School)

ROV MAKER team was invited to National Tainan Senior Marine Fishery Vocational School on 2021/12/10 to conduct a a course on STEM PVC ROV assembly.

The National Tainan Senior Marine Fishery Vocational School recently planned the inspection of wind power generation, using drones for observation in the air, and the underwater inspection will be planned by ROV. The purpose of this course is to introduce the STEM PVC ROV to the school teachers. In the future, the STEM PVC ROV course will be promoted in the elementary and junior high schools in the area. Students will be able to operate the STEM PVC ROV in the swimming pool, so that marine education can take root in Tainan.

In this course, the teachers and students formed four groups to assemble their STEM PVC ROV. The teachers who participated in this course are the most professional in the implementation of the ROV MAKER team since they taught. The teachers have given ROV MAKER a lot of suggestions on the use of tools in the implementation. The course is carried out in the order of (1) ROV PVC frame assembly (2) simple waterproof propeller assembly (3) ROV Controller assembly. During assembly, the assembly video was referred to, and relevant experience and suggestions was shared.

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After the assembly was completed, the students checked the buoyancy in the moisture-proof box. Then, they went to the Anping Port next to the school for the first voyage. By using the HORUS Waterproof Camera,  the underwater live video is displayed with the mobile phone!!


DSC 1588

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