STEM ROV Assembly Teaching at Changbin Junior High School in Taitung County 2020

The ROV MAKER team went to Changbin Junior High School in Taitung County on June 11, 2020 to conduct the STEM ROV assembly course.Changbin Junior High School in Taitung County is one of Taitung County’s self-developed education and technology centers, which promotes local science and technology education for many years.

stem-rov-assembly-course-cgjh-2020 2

This STEM ROV Assembly Teaching course is about three hours, and the content is the assembly of the Ipanema ROV kit, which is explained and shared through the slides.

The assembly course took the Sea Perch model of Sea Mate as a reference. The assembly is divided into several steps: (1)assembly of the frame, (2)waterproof thruster and (3) rov controller.

stem-rov-assembly-course-cgjh-2020 3

Before assembling at dedicated step, a slide will be explained first, and its content includes: the tools used, the explanation of the relevant theoretical formulas and the sharing of the assembly experience.

stem-rov-assembly-course-cgjh-2020 4
stem-rov-assembly-course-cgjh-2020 5

The Ipanema ROV kit is just an introductory kit for ROV, which really inspires students to make their own ROV in the follow-up should be the accumulation of applied academic formulas and assembly experience. The ROV MAKER team hopes that by sharing such assembly teaching courses, students can shorten the learning cycle of underwater robots.

stem-rov-assembly-course-cgjh-2020 6

After completing the assembly, Director Wu of Changbin Junior High School invited the ROVMAKER team to the port behind the school to test the assembled STEM PVC ROV. The video can refer to the following