Waterproof Control Box – Deovoted to ROV and Programmable Control Boat

In this post, ROV MAKER introduces ROV the new waterproof control box, which is devoted to ROV and programmable control Boat.

The new waterproof control box case has dimension :150mm(L) x 150mm(W) x 90mm(H). It use snaps to seal the upper transparent lid and the box body. The user can open or close the transparent cover easily, which is convenient to replace the battery or repair the control circuit in the box.

The new waterproof control box has a waterproof level of water repellency. If used as a shore control box for ROV, it can cope with sudden rain or water splashing on the shore. If it is used as control box of an automatic control boat, it can ensure that the circuit board and battery in the box will not be beaten by the waves in the water, and even prevent the control box from overturning and causing the control box to enter the water and cause damage to the internal circuit.

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The new waterproof control box provides two holes per side for a total of eight holes. These holes provide a conduit for the user to connect control signals inside the box to the outside of the box. Each side of the control box provides holes to increase the flexibility of the user’s design. Holes that are not used can be sealed with plugs, and with O-RING, there is no doubt of water leakage after the holes are sealed.

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It is recommended to connect the M12 waterproof connector to the used hole, which allows the relevant control wire to pass through the waterproof box, and can still maintain the waterproof level of water splashing.

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On the internal configuration, the included perforated plate with quick-connect terminals can be used to simplify circuit fixing.

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We also use two perforated boards to separate the inner space of the box into two layers, making full use of the inner space of the waterproof box. Users can put the motor control and other circuits on the lower layer, and the remote transmission module or battery on the upper layer for easy replacement.

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The following is our upcoming wireless remote control module solution with The new waterproof control box, suitable for wireless rocker ROV control modules and control boxes on water programmable control boats. Please look forward to it~

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