Anti-rust Reinforced TT Geared Motor 1:48 Dual Shaft – Special for Bionic Mechanical Fish

TT gear motor 1:48 double shaft that designed to Bionic Mechanical Fish

  • Anti-rust reinforcement
  • Low speed (84 rpm at 3V), suitable for mechanical fish to swing leisurely


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Anti-rust reinforced TT geared motor, large torque and anti-interference strong magnetic motor, gear reduction mechanism, special for bionic mechanical fish, and can also be used for popular science trolleys/boats.


Dimension : 70*22*18.5mm (excluding the shaft, unilateral shaft: 9mm)
Voltage : 3-6V wide voltage
Reduction ratio : 1:48
Shaft type : flat shaft (there is a 1.9mm hole in the center of the flat shaft, which can be inserted into a 2mm axle, or screwed into M2.3 screws)

DC Motor parameters

Working voltage is 3v, the speed is about 84 rpm
Working voltage is 6v, the speed is about 166 rpm


  • 1 x Anti-rust Reinforced TT Geared Motor 1:48 Dual Shaft