ESC Board

The ESC Board, a circuit board designed for ROV/AUV and other controlled robots, can support up to 4 ESCs (Electronic Speed Controller) and provide voltage and current values accessed via the software operated by on-board INA219A.

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ESC Board is circuit board  designed for ROV/AUV and other Controlled Robotic. It fixs upto 4 ESC  and could provide Voltage and Current accessed by software by on-board INA219A

Features List

  • Dimension: 85.0mm (L) x 64.0mm (W) x 1.5mm (H)
  • Supporting 4 ESCs on board.
  • 4 battery input interface: Terminal Block, 5mm/4pin on two sides
  • Working voltage: 11V – 26V (Depending on your robotic control board and ESC)
  • Max Walt : 70 W
  • INA219A on board to measure working voltage and current (I2c -based and address is 0x40)
  • I2c I/F : Wafter DIP 2mm/4pin/180deg
  • DC power out : Output voltage distributed to another control board (same as battery input voltage)
  • 3D-printed ESC board holder (open to modification and printing by users or available from the ROVMAKER store)


1 x ESC Board


  1. ESC Board User Guide
  2. INA219A data sheet
  3. INA219 sample code
  4. 3D printed file of ESC Board holder





1.Co-work with ESC Board Holder

ESC Board 2

2. ESC Board co-w0rk with Baroque control board (Voyager II )

ESC Board 3

Baroque Control Board of ROV 2 scaled