Formosa ready-to-play control solution is for underwater drones, designed especially for ROV DIY makers. Formosa supports simple ROV configuration (2 vertical thrusters and 2 horizontal thrusters) and provides the ROV Baroque module, software, the Mazu sensor board, neutral buoyancy lines and XBOX 360 x1.

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    Formosa features a total solution and is intended for ROV DIY makers. It saves DIY makers the hassle to develop or integrate hardware and software and thus allows makers to focus on other aspects of building ROV such as mechanical design and waterproof solution.

    Features List

    • Formosa is ready to play. Modules are partially assembled, tested and calibrated before shipping. Users can install it easily and enter the Factory Test Mode for adjustment if necessary
    • Based on the router solution, the ROV Baroque board and Reel Baroque board can set up subnetwork easily and provide better data routing speed
    • Formosa contains the client-server software architecture, making it possible for users to control the ROV by his/her notebook/tablet and the chrome browser
    • Formosa optimizes hardware stacking to save more space on the ROV Tube
    • Formosa is a total solution providing the following components: the 1080p camera module, the Mazu sensor board, ESC, the ESC control board, neutral buoyancy lines and XBOX 360 Joysticks

    The following items are required for operation but are not included in the Formosa solution.


    • Make sure the notebook/tablet has WIFI or RJ45 interface.
    • The operation system must be Window 10/8 or Linux (Ubuntu 16 or later version)
    • Make sure that the chrome version (70.0.3538.77) suggested by ROV MAKER is installed

    DC power cable :

    • Users should prepare the DC power cable that meets the working voltage of the ROV Baroque board and the reel Baroque board


    The Formosa solution has its modules partially assembled and calibrated before shipping.

    The package features the following components.

    1 x ROV Baroque Module (ROV Baroque Board + PLC Module + ESC Board and 4 Calypso ESC )

    • 1 x Reel Baroque Module (Reel Baroque Board + PLC Module + 11n WIFI Module + 2 x 2.4g Antenna PCB IPX Omni )
    • 1 x Assembled Mazu Sensor Board (MPU9250 + MS5837-30BA + IST8310)
    • 1 x HD IP Camera Module