RC Shark Kit x 4

Marine education-specific assembly kits for learning a variety of life science and technology knowledge

  • Simulate fish swimming in water (forward/turn left/right)
  • Easy to assemble
  • Assist school courses to learn the life science and technology knowledge
  • Laptop/mobile phone control via WIFI/BT connection
  • Multiple parameter settings to find swimming style of your RC Shark

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Other Products

Remote control shark science kit, the best school teaching aid. Enlighten children with knowledge related to various life technologies
  • Buoyancy (Archimedes’ principle)
  • Basic electrical knowledge
  • Leverage principle
  • Mechanical transmission principle
  • Principle of ship counterweight and ballast
  • Simple tips to prevent splashing water
  • Get to know batteries

Power supply

  • AAA  battery x 4

Remote Control:

  • Bluetooth SPP connection control : Android phones can download the existing BT control APP (not applicable to iPhone)
  • WIFI connection : Laptops/mobile can use WIFI connection, then use Chrome browser to enter the control setting webpage (website


  • 4 x RC Shark Kit

Demo Video




Controlled by Ipad Safari browser

Assembly Video

01 - Install table tennis ball

02 - Fish Frame assembly

03 - Power System Installation

08 - Parameters setting

Coming Soon !!!


  • This product does not include batteries. Users must prepare four AAA batteries
  • Be sure to remove the battery from the battery box after use, otherwise the battery box and battery will easily rust
  • Please do not let children test alone near outdoor water sources to avoid danger