Smart PWM Controller with Knob

It is bidirection PWM controller devoted to control DC motor. The ALPS knob provides users with fine-tune control of DC Motor.

The working Voltage is DC 12V – 24V and the working current is up to 2A.

It is a great pwm controller, currently used in Ipanema STEM ROV, also recommended in other DIY case

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Other Products

PCB Board

  • Deimension : 40 mm(L) x 37 mm(W) x 17mm(H)
  • Working Voltge : DC 12V – 18V
  • Working current: Max to 2 A

ALPS potentiometer

  • Type : Knob
  • Connector length : 19 cm

Behavior description

  • The angle that the potentiometer deviates from the midpoint is the speed of the motor, that is, the greater the deviation angle, the faster the speed, and it stops when it is adjusted to the midpoint.
  • The motor can be positive or negative. When the running direction is inconsistent with the expectation, the running direction can be changed by adjusting the line sequence.


  • 1   x  PWM board
  • 1   x knob potentiometer



Reverse connection of PWM power supply will damage it