T60 Underwater Thruster

T60 is good value for undertwater thruster solution and suitable for home-built ROV /RC boat

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Thruster Parameters:

  • Voltage Range: 12V-16V
  • No load current: 0.7A
  • Load Current: 15A-23A
  • Motor KV Value: 860KV (2216 brushless motor)
  • Motor Power: 300W
  • Measured thrust: 3S LiPo 1.65kg/4S LiPo 2.1kg

Thruster Dimensions:

  • Shroud outer diameter: 72mm
  • Shroud Width: 37mm
  • Shroud Total Length: 92mm
  • Overall Height: 3.0 inches (77 mm).
  • Cost Width: 23mm


  • 180 g (in air)

This is a 2216 brushless motor that requires a brushless ESC to start the motor. It cannot be connected directly to the battery. Motor KV is suitable for 3 4S lithium batteries.


  • 1  x T60 underwater thruster
  • 4  x Stainless steel M3x10 Phillips screw

Demo Video