Waterproof Housing ASGARD-9

This unique ball waterproof housing is your new choice for ROV-DIY or Boat

Asgard 9 is fitted with 9 adapters with three for one sphere and 6 for the other

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Asgard -the waterproof housing is major for use on ROVs, AUVs, and other underwater monitoring/surveillance/inspection/detection applications. Modular design printed circuit board to integrate multiple purpose data sensor and video camera give you alternative choice to meet future expansion usage, along with configurable cable penetration holes for data/video , control signal transmission and power feeding.

Features List

  • Customizable terrestrial waterproof applications
  • Interchangeable Spheres
  • O-Ring Sealed Flanges
  • Polycarbonate(PC) Spheres rated to 65m
  • Clear and transparent outer appearance
  • Reserved space for customized LED design



ASGARD Dimension

ASGARD Exploded Diagram


No Item Quantity
1. Sphere for 6 adapters 1
2. Sphere for 3 adapters 1
3. Frame 1
4. Frame O-Ring 4
5. Adapter (Vent Bolt x 1; Vent Seat x 1 ; Nut x 1 ) 9
6. Adapter O-Ring 27
7. Bolt & Nut 6
8. Glove 1 pair
9. Silicon Grease A small tube


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Assembly Note

ASGARD Assembly Note ASGARD Assembly Note 2