ROV Voyager II-POM

3,950 USD$

Voyager II-POM

Voyager II-POM is an underwater robot designed for personal use or educational / research purposes. The frame is made of POM (Polyoxymethylene) and can thus work under the ocean. Operating Voyager II-POM doesn’t require installing additional software and is possible simply through Notebook/Tablet with Chrome browser and Xbox 360 joysticks. The test platform for built-in OpenCV functions is great for basic analysis of underwater image. The ingenious design of Voyager II makes battery replacement easy. Users can even replace batteries without switching off Voyager II. Voyager II-POM uses 2 18650 4S2P battery (14.8V), which is widely available. The product is accompanied by a suitcase, which is easy to carry and protective for Voyager II-POM. Source code on ROV will be partially open in the future and users who want to use the feature have to be familiar with HTML5/CSS/JavaScript.


  1. Due to its material qualities, the surface of POM tends to have scratch lines. Take this imperfection into consideration before making a purchase.
  2. Dedicated Chrome version is used to be compatible with WebRTC. Please make sure that you can access the dedicated version and install it on your NB successfully. Please refer to the link for how to disable the Chrome auto-update function.
  3. Please make sure that 18650 4S2P battery (14.8V) is available in your region and that it is compatible with the size of the Thor Battery Tube.
  4. The lead time takes 15-20 working days.