Ocean cleaner example-Bento

Ocean cleaner is a DIY example for students in marine environmental protection

Students could use readily available plastic bottles, laundry bags and PVC water pipes to make the hull of the boat, and then used ROV MAKER’s simple underwater thrusters to obtain good power.


Bento is one of the ROV MAKER Ocean cleaner kits. The dustpan-shaped shape creates more space for absorbing water waste.The lunch box is used as a control box. It is made of light material, cheap and water-proof.

In order to have more space for garbage collection, plastic bottles were abandoned and foam tubes is used as a source of buoyancy.
ROV MAKER designed special 3D printed parts so that the height of the foam tube can be changed and the depth of the waterline of the Bento can be adjusted.

海上吸塵器 便當號 2

Bento equips with the 750 GPH brush thruster designed by ROV MAKER.The 750GPH brush thruster provides good thrust power and low operating currentcan and can be easily fixed at a specific place on the PVC water pipe.

In addition to collecting water garbage, after removing the laundry bag (to reduce water resistance), it can also be used as a water carrying platform .Paired with the waterproof water quality monitor developed by ROV MAKER, popular science works can be extended to the field of environmental monitoring.