Modular PVC ROV kit, suitable as an auxiliary teaching material for schools to promote underwater robots


  • Separate ROV controller
  • Clamp-and-lock thruster, ROV design is more flexible
  • Use nylon screws and nuts, making it easier to disassemble the frame
  • Repeatable disassembly and assembly, the best teaching kit for underwater robot promotion

Separate ROV controller

  • One controller can be used for several student’s PVC ROVs (non-simultaneously), making school procurement more flexible
  • RJ45 interface, easy to plug in and out
  • 2.4G wireless handle makes ROV operation more convenient
  • Store separately from the ROV frame for easy storage

Clamp-and-lock thruster

ROV Brush Thruster 2
  • The PVC clamp design allows the thruster to be attached on the PVC frame at will, making the ROV design more flexible.
  • Light-curing printing of motor housing with high precision
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Based on Bilge Pump waterproof brush motor

Easy assembly and disassembly of frame

  • Use nylon screws and nuts to avoid rust and make disassembly easy
  • The ROV frame is easy to disassemble and can be reassembled during class in the future.
  • The shape can be changed again, just purchase new PVC pipes and joints

Enjoy ROV DIY with ease

  • Modularization of key parts, focusing only on ROV design and assembly, can shorten teaching hours
  • Experience water pipe ROV assembly, learn to cut PVC pipes, use electric drills to drill holes and fasten nylon screws
  • Install thrusters and experience the impact of different thruster placements
  • Learn the buoyancy configuration and find the best one for the ROV by modifying the length of the foam float bars.
  • Adjust the ROV’s navigation attitude in the water and increase understanding of the PVC ROV

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