Ocean cleaner example- Ocean Cleaner Kit

This post introduces “How to DIY Ocean Cleaner”, a popular science work of advanced implementation for students. “Ocean Cleaner” (or ocean vacuum cleaner), with PVC pipe as the hull, laundry bag as the filter, plus ROV MAKER’s new generation of square water box and electric control solution, you can DIY a simple marine vacuum cleaner

At present, most of the popular science kits related to boats are remote control paddle wheels (as shown in the figure below). This is a teaching material for primary school teaching. It allows children to assemble and understand the structure and power source of the boat. It can be tested in a small pond or outdoor swimming pool.

Teaching RC Boat Kit

The “Ocean Cleaner” provides more power and can go directly to the lake or even the fishing port for testing, which allows students to advance their practical goals and make more challenging popular science works. The goal of Ocean Cleaner is to remove surface debris and make student work more meaningful. In the future, the goal can also be extended to advanced projects such as underwater data collection or programmable automatic control of ships.

The Ocean Cleaner uses PVC pipes, an inexpensive material available at hardware stores. In addition to the cheapness of using PVCpipes, a variety of PVC connectors allow students to create different shapes of ocean cleaners. It does not have a specific shape called Ocean Cleaner. We just make the hull hollow and pass through the laundry bag, so that the sea surface that the hull passes through is intercepted by the laundry bag.

PVC three-dimensional tee PVC Flat Cross PVC three-dimensional six-way PVC Cap

PVC three-dimensional tee PVC three-dimensional bottom bracket PVC pipe PVC Elbow

To overcome the waterproof problem, ROV MAKER has launched a new generation of waterproof control box, which is equipped with the ability to resist splashing water. The waterproof control box can be fixed on the PVC water pipe by fixing the exclusive iron fixing sheet.

Waterproof Control Box Fixture

The waterproof control box provides circuit fixing perforated boards, and cooperates with quick wiring terminals to make the circuit more concise. The upper and lower layers are designed to make full use of the space. The lower layer can be placed with control board, and the upper layer can be placed with receivers and batteries.
The snap-on design of the upper cover and the box body allows users to easily replace the battery or perform maintenance.

Waterproof Control Box 1   Waterproof Control Box 2

In terms of propulsion power, 360 simple waterproof thrusters can be considered to allow students to learn to assemble simple underwater thrusters. If you need more power, you can use ROV MAKER’s upcoming waterproof carbon brush thrusters !!

Waterproof Control Box 4 scaled

If you need to write a program to control, you can re-install the PWM control line connected to the remote control receiver to the dedicated control board for development.

Waterproof Control Box 5 scaled

Here’s a video of the Ocean Cleaner test:

The PVC DIY Boat is an interesting subject of marine education science practice, and Ocean Cleaner (Ocean Vacuum Cleaner) is the first part. ROV MAKER is also developing other modules to give it more functions, such as underwater exploration, programmable automatic control, etc. Please look forward to the next news~~