Explore the wonders of Robot fish

Enrich your learning experience

  • Made in Taiwan, the world’s first remotely controlled robot fish science kit
  • Enrich school teaching content
  • Learn a variety of scientific knowledge principles including water

Enlighten school children with basic knowledge of various technologies

  • Learn how fish swim
  • Buoyancy (Archimedes’ principle)
  • Basic electrical knowledge
  • Leverage principle
  • Mechanical transmission principle
  • Principle of ship counterweight and ballast
  • Simple tips to prevent splashing water
RC Shark 3

Built-in intelligent program control and configuration

  • Based on ESP32 board, running dedicated software developed by ROV MAKER
  • Controlled by Android phones through Bluetooth SPP protocol (iPhone is not support)
  • Through WIFI, use the laptop or mobile to access its configuration page

Android phone for remote control

  • Connect and control via Bluetooth
  • Input the control string on the available ardunio BT APP

Configruation Web Page

  • Computer/laptop/mobile phone connected to RC Shark via WIFI
  • Use Chrome browser to access to open this webpage
  • Set and observe changes in real time. Find the best parameters for your RC Shark
RC Shark 6