Advanced kid teaching kit, adding program control elements. By Its configuration HTML page, students can keep the best state of their robotic shark and understand the movement principles of fish in the water.

Simple design

  • Simple DIY waterproof servo
  • Only a single servo, simulating fish tail swing
  • Understand simple mechanical principles
  • Understand the principles of fish movement

Program control (product source code is not provided)

  • Develop software based on ESP32
  • Android phones can control it remotely via Bluetooth
  • Access configuration web page through WIFI.

Android phone for remote control

  • Connect and control via Bluetooth
  • Input the control string on the available ardunio BT APP

Configruation Web Page

  • The computer can connect to the RC Shark through WIFI
  • Support chrome browser only
  • Set and verify instantly to find the best configuration for your RC Shark

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