HORUS is a USB waterproof camera, easy to use!! Support Android phones and laptops, no need to buy extra screens

  • Support USB Type-C, use Android phone to watch and record real-time video
  • By type C to USB2.0 adapter, it can be connected to a laptop to watch and record real-time videos
  • The cable length is upto 40 meters, and the cable diameter is only 1.8mm, which is easy to carry

Application1 : Underwater real-time observation

  • Viewing, recording or webcasting of real-time underwater video with Android phones
  • Viewing, recording real-time underwater video with windows laptop
  • Write a program to learn AI fish identification

Application2 : Underwater exploration with STEM ROV kit

  • The simplest real-time video solution for STEM ROV
  • Use Android phone to watch underwater adventures, no need to buy another screen device
  • Use Android phone to watch, record and webcast your underwater adventures

Application3 : Real-time underwater image analysis

  • With UVC supported , can write python program for image processing through OpenCV

Application4 : STEM ROV automation programming

  • Lowest cost solution for student ROV programmable Courses
  • In the laptop Anaconda environment, write ROV control program
  • According to the underwater image recognition results, command the STEM ROV to track specific objects

Application5 : The second camera of underwater robot (ROV)

  • Lowest cost option for installing additional camera for your ROV
  • The wire diameter is only 1.8mm, which can be attached to the control cable of the underwater robot
  • Multiple HORUS can be installed to allow underwater robots to provide more video source
ROV Tramsformer 1