As beginner STEM ROV, it is suitable for promoting underwater robot education in primary and secondary schools.

DIY Practice

  • STEM Teaching kit package with high C/P
  • Hands-on learning for cutting and assembling PVC pipes
  • Implementation of waterproof 360 DC carbon brush motor
  • Control box assembly
  • Detailed assembly instructional video

Realize the learned knowledge from school

Anle High School PVC ROV Teaching
  • Explore known electrical knowledge to improve ROV performance
  • Review the principle of Archimedes and understand the mechanism of ROV ascent and descent
  • Learn to make a waterproof 360 DC carbon brush motor

Intuitive and simple control

stem rov controller 1
  • Two joysticks control the ROV to move forward, backward and turn left and right
  • The knob controls the ROV to dive, realizing simple depth control
  • Watch real-time underwater video on your mobile phone with HORUS Waterproof Camera