Ipanema STEM ROV Kit

Ipanema is easy to assemble, tested and calibrated. It is devoted to STEM ROV education and suitable for primary and junior high school

By assembly and play Ipanema ROV kit, student can learn more about Ohm’s Law and Archimedes principle and make it possible the enhance the ROV performance.

This kit does not contain a battery, so it provides a more favorable price, and provides a variety of battery adapters for users to choose their own battery

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    Ipanema STEM ROV Kit

    • ROV Kit for STEM education, easy to assemble, tested and calibration
    • Suitable for primary/junior high school. Even senior high school
    • Experience the Ohm’s Law and Archimedes principle and make it possible the enhance the ROV performance
    • Shape your own ROV style



    ROV Frame  x 1

    Item Description Qty/Set
    PVC Pipe white OD:20mm; Length:0.5m 4
    PVC Elbows white OD:26mm; ID:20mm 10
    PVC Tees white OD:26mm; ID:21mm 4
    Foam Tube Blue OD:60;ID:10mm;length:30cm 1
    Strap KSS 100*2.5mm (random color) 15
    Plastic net About 25 cm x 25 cm 1


    Thruster Kit- Premium x 1

    Item Description Qty/Set
    Brush motor 365 Carbon brush motor 3
    Insulation Tape wite width about 4.2cm 1
    Paddle Positive and negative blades(pair) 2
    motor drive shaft Aluminum alloy drive shaft 3
    Film box plastic film box 3
    Strap 200*4.6mm 顏色隨機出貨 10
    Wax Bowl Ring Wax Bowl Ring 1


    STEM ROV Controller x 1

    Item Description Qty/Set
    control/power line CAT5E cable about 10m 1
    Control Box Dimension : 125mm x 125mm x 75mm 1
    PWM Control Board A type PWM control board + Joystick 2
    PWM Control Board B type PWM control board + Knob 1
    Power cable DC female connector on one side
    3 DC male connector on the other
    Copper pillar M3x8+6 24
    M3x8 screw Half round head cross/304 24
    M4x8 screw Half round head cross/304 2
    PWM fixing plate Acrylic 1
    Joystick fixing plate Acrylic 1


    STEM ROV : Frame assembly

    STEM ROV : Propeller making

    STEAM ROV: Controller

    STEM ROV : Unicorn Mobile holder

    STEM ROV Accessory Holder

    Experience Sharing

    STEM ROV : Introduction

    S 30302214 1

    STEM ROV : Frame and Buoyancy

    3 1

    STEM ROV : Propeller making


    STEAM ROV: Controller

    DSC 0140

    STEAM ROV : Enhance Peformance

    DSC 0166

    STEAM ROV : Underwater Camera

    1 1

    Test Video

    Operation demo at Bitou Fishing Port, Taiwan

    Demo at National Museum of Marine Science and Technology

    Facebook Live by Horus module under sea at Badouzi Fishing Port

    STEM ROV + HORUS Camera - Tested at Keelung Jinlong Lake

    With Android phone, you can explore underwater easily

    New version of Ipanema STEM ROV KIT is coming