An ROV Seminar at Taiwan Ocean University

On April 14th, 2020, ROV MAKER was invited to give a presentation at a seminar held by the Department of Electrical Engineering at National Taiwan Ocean University. The seminar is a weekly event in which professions in different fields are invited to deliver a presentation. ROV MAKER has felt honored to share with the students the practical experiences of working with ROV.

Most of the participants are graduate students and some of them are setting out to develop their own ROV. As such, our presentation focused on an insight into relevant technology.

An ROV Seminar at Taiwan Ocean University 2

The contents of the presentation includes: (1) an overview of the DIY ROV market, (2) the current open source ROV forum and well-known ROV businesses, (3) the development of Voyager II, (4) the Formosa Solution and (5) the demonstration of a physical ROV.

An ROV Seminar at Taiwan Ocean University 3

We started with what brought about ROVMAKER, and then moved on to our journey to the RC Submarine, Voyager I and Voyager II.

As technology was a big part of the presentation, we shared the practical experiences working with the hardware, software, machine and assembly. Difficulties certainly came up along the way and problems fortunately were worked out. Our achievement has been inspired to a certain degree by such international ROV businesses as ArduSub, OpenROV (Sofar) and Blue Robotics. We hoped the work done by businesses specializing in ROV DIY could also inspire the graduate students to come up with great ROVs.

This presentation was given indoors, so we used a model Voyager II. Since waterproofing is an important issue with DIY ROV, we prepared some Thor battery tubes to help the students understand the application of O ring in waterproofing.

An ROV Seminar at Taiwan Ocean University 4


An ROV Seminar at Taiwan Ocean University 5

We appreciate the opportunity to share Voyager II with the students of National Taiwan Ocean University. ROVMAKER is devoted to ROV development and hopes to be part of the effort to incorporate ROV into school curriculum in Taiwan.